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In the Highways & Transportation Engineering Sector, NESPAK has remained in the lead by providing services ranging from advisory role in policy making to design and construction supervision of several prestigious projects commissioned in Pakistan and overseas.

In this Sector, NESPAK employs more than 300 highly qualified transportation & highway specialists, engineers, surveyors and technicians. These capabilities and experiences are unrivaled by any other consultant in the country.

The engineering services in this Sector are offered for the following fields:

  • Motorways
  • Highways
  • Urban Roads
  • Rural Roads
  • Grade Separated Interchanges
  • Bridges & Flyovers
  • Underpasses
  • Tunnels


NESPAK has the distinction of being the only consulting firm in Pakistan to have successfully undertaken several major international airport projects. It has developed complete expertise to plan and design terminal buildings, runway systems, airfield lighting, telecommunication systems and all other vital components and infrastructure facilities of a modern airport. NESPAK has created a specialty division in this Sector comprising highly qualified and experienced planners, architects and engineers. The designers at NESPAK lay great emphasis on functionality and state-of-the-art systems to provide high level services for airport users.


In the Seaports and Harbours Sector, NESPAK has acquired extensive experience and a strong record in all aspects of ports, harbours and other maritime engineering consultancy services. The Company’s knowhow now covers all phases of development of new ports/harbours, waterways and improvement/rehabilitation of existing ones. NESPAK has played a vital role in the planning and development of the existing and proposed seaports in the country viz Port Qasim, Karachi Port and Gwadar Mini Port. Besides, NESPAK has been active in Yemen Arab Republic by providing consultancy services for the Port of Mokha. NESPAK also carried out a comprehensive techno-economic study for the inland river navigation from Port Qasim to Sukkur to explore alternative mode of transportation. BOT offers received from private sector companies for the Gwadar Deep Sea Port were also evaluated.


Road Infrastructure Master Planning

Planning road networks, their interconnectivity, probable use and relative importance. Priority ranking of roads in a road network based on socio-economic factors.

Pre-Feasibility Studies for Route Selection

Identification of potential corridors, study and selection of the most suitable/viable route for adoption of the final alignment on the basis of technical merits/demerits, cost effectiveness and durability in terms of maintenance requirements, impact of terrain ranging from the snow capped mountains to the areas of moving sand dunes.

Feasibility Studies

Economic studies for assessment of benefits of highway projects, as compared to the total investment. Benefit cost ratio (B/C ratio), determining the economic internal rate of return (EIRR), traffic surveys and their projection over the design life of the project.

Transportation and Traffic Engineering

Transportation system surveys, analysis, forecasting, design, traffic flow regulation and administration.

Soils and Materials Investigations

Evaluation of the adequacy of soils and materials for highways; determination of the permeability, shear strength, consolidation, grain size, dry density, liquid and plastic limits; field tests including the vane shear test, California bearing ratio test, plate test and nuclear field density equipment tests.

Geometric Design for Road Works and Interchanges

Design for pavement widths, horizontal and vertical alignments, slopes, interchanges, acceleration/ deceleration lanes, traffic islands, channelization, junctions and other features.

Pavement Design

Planning, design and field supervision of groundwater investigations including drilling of test holes and pump out tests to augment the available data on aquifer geometry and its hydraulic parameters, monitoring network, quantification of various sources of groundwater recharge and carrying out water balance studies.

Construction Supervision of Roads/Bridges/Tunnels

Supervision of construction activities to ensure the quality conforming to the contract specifications, progress monitoring and co-ordination between the Client, the Contractor or any other agency involved to ensure timely and successful completion of work.

Scope of Services - AIRPORTS

Feasibility Studies

Economic and technical feasibility studies, traffic forecasts, evaluation of alternatives, etc.

Surveys and Investigations

Topographic surveys, geological and geotechnical investigations.

Planning, Design and Tender Documents

Planning, design and tender documentation of passenger and cargo terminal buildings, equipment, runways, taxiways and other related facilities.

Technical and Financial Evaluation

Technical and financial evaluation of airport projects including BOT/BOO projects.

Construction Management and Supervision

Construction management and supervision including procurement and contract management, documentation and records, quality assurance, safety and security, inspection/testing, commissioning and training.


Surveys & Investigations Studies

Management and interpretation of navigation studies, topographic, geological and oceanographic surveys and investigations on waterways projects, economic and technical feasibility, traffic forecasts, environmental impact assessment, financial forecasts and evaluation of alternatives.

Hydraulic Model Studies

Physical and mathematical model studies for harbours and channels in association with qualified hydraulic laboratories, design for breakwaters, coastal protection works, docks, etc.

Planning and Layout

Optimization of design and cost-effective phasing of development including harbour layouts, terminal and facilities layouts and planning of development stages for both large and small projects.

Planning for Dredging and Reclamation

Planning for capital and maintenance dredging works, optimisation of port deepening programme, disposal of spoils, hydraulic and environmental impact of dredging, land reclamation, etc.

Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for :

  • Harbours and Inland Waterways. Channels, harbour basins, breakwaters, seawalls and revetments, beach protection, protective structures, mooring facilities, navigation aids, etc.
  • Water Front Structures/Facilities. Docks and locks, jetties, wharves, retaining walls, dolphins and moorings, spillways, dry docks, ship lifts, warehouses/transit sheds, workshops, freight stations, service buildings, fire systems, etc.

Selection of Cargo and Materials Handling Equipment and Systems

Selection of equipment and design of complete systems for the ports including cranes (cargo, containers, bulk materials), ship loaders/unloaders, truck loaders/unloaders, stackers, reclaimers, conveyor systems, bagging, destuffing, palletizing, liquid and dry storages.

Construction Planning and Management

Construction planning and management including procurement & contract management, documentation and records, quality assurance, safety and security, scheduling and cost control, inspection/ testing and commissioning, training.


NESPAK has to date worked on 320 highways and traffic engineering projects. The depth of experience acquired is summarized below:

Motorways & Highways

Design and construction supervision of about 45,000 Km of highways and motorways (with approximate cost of Rs. 115 billion) in Pakistan, Nigeria, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman and Afghanistan.

Urban Roads

Design and construction supervision of a number of urban roads in all the major cities of Pakistan and in Liwa, Shinas, Sohar, Ghubra South and several other areas in the Sultanate of Oman.

Rural/Secondary Roads

Consultancy services for 4,000 Km long rural/secondary roads including Farm to Market roads costing more than US$ 400 million within Pakistan and overseas.

Grade Separated Interchanges

Consultancy services on several grade separated interchanges including Faizabad Interchange in Islamabad, Interchanges of Lahore-Islamabad Motorway and Al-Khabura Interchange in Sultanate of Oman.

Bridges and Flyovers

Design and construction supervision of more than 100 bridges and 25 flyovers in Pakistan and abroad.


Design and construction supervision of 8 underpasses parallel to Canal Road and two underpasses across the canal in Lahore.


Consultancy services on Kohat Tunnel and Lowari Tunnel Projects, NWFP, Pakistan.

Experience - AIRPORTS

NESPAK's track record includes master planning and design of the passenger terminal complex at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, which was carried out in association with a foreign consultant. Later, field design support services were provided by NESPAK independently.

The experience and technology acquired over the years is summarized below.

Airport Terminal Buildings

Planning and design of new terminal buildings for three largest airports in Pakistan, including construction supervision for the two new terminals with an area of over 2 200,000 m2 to handle 18 million passengers/year.

Urban Roads

Design and construction supervision of a number of urban roads in all the major cities of Pakistan and in Liwa, Shinas, Sohar, Ghubra South and several other areas in the Sultanate of Oman. The approximate length of these roads is 1,500 Km.


Techno-economic studies and detailed design for a wide bodied aircraft hangar at Baku Airport to perform A,B,C and D checks on the aircraft up to the size of Boeing 747-400.

Runways and Taxiways

Design of runways and taxiway for three major airports and four small airports including construction supervision of a 3.4 km new runway and airfield lighting.

Air Traffic Control Towers

Planning and design of two air traffic control towers for major airports of the country.


Since its inception in 1973, NESPAK has worked in Pakistan and Yemen Arab Republic on various projects in the Ports and Harbours Sector. The depth of experience acquired over these years is summarized below :

Deep Sea Ports

Planning of three deep sea ports for vessels up to 50,000 DWT including navigation channel and multipurpose and dedicated berths. Engineering and supervision of a green field project for development of a new deep sea port from planning to operation stage.

Fish Harbours

Planning and studies for two fish harbours in the country including on-shore facilities such as ice plants, fish processing plants, cold storage, etc.

Marine Terminals

Consultancy services on six marine terminals comprising dedicated jetties, approach trestle, handling and storage facilities for liquid chemicals, LPG, oil, molasses, wheat and fertilizer for ships/tankers up to 75,000 DWT.

Container Terminals

Consultancy services on three state-of-the-art container terminals with a combined capacity to handle over 1,000,000 TEUs per annum, equipped with ship to shore gantry cranes, rubber tyred gantries, loaders, handlers and computerized tracking system.

Inland River Navigation

Planning and studies for 600 km of inland river navigation system (Karachi to Sukkur) including navigation channel design, ship sizing, passenger terminals, etc.