Project News

Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Engineering Division of NESPAK is providing consultancy services for strengthening works of Mangla Reservoir Rim along the Mirpur-Kotli road near Khaliqabad Chowk, Shanwari Restaurant (Package-I) and along Mirpur bypass road (Package-II). The scope of services includes detailed design, preparation of tender documents and construction supervision. Detailed design and tender documents were completed in March 2016. Currently construction supervision of the rehabilitation works is being carried out by NESPAK. The works of Package-I were started from deepest level of 1,154 ft. and have now reached the level of 1,250 ft. The finish level of these works is1,280 ft. The relocation of three nos. water supply pipelines running along the reservoir rim at the level of 1,260 ft. are part of the scope of work. Rehabilitation works of Mirpur bypass (Package-II) are also under progress.
Fatima Fertilizer Company Ltd (FFCL) established a huge chemical fertilizer plant in Mukhtargarh near Rahim Yar Khan in 2011. The plant is counted among the largest fertilizer producers of Calcium- Nitrate (CAN) and Nitro-Phosphate (NP) Fertilizer in Pakistan. To further increase the production of fertilizer, FFCL has awarded to NESPAK a project for the extension of the main plant buildings. Mr. Ahsan Rafique, Principal Engineer/Project Manager Structural Engineering Division and his team are working on the structural design phase. The structural design project encapsulates design review, evaluation and capacity enhancement of the existing frame structure buildings. CAN plant building (Steel Structure), NP plant building (Reinforced Concrete) and compressor building are major part of the project. These are multi-storey buildings and house a number of heavy vessel, machines, motors, grinders and various heavy equipment. The project design is currently underway and the detailed structural evaluation has been performed on the existing frame structures and on its basis, new capacity enhancement design and drawings are being prepared. The overall work progress is currently 33 percent.
Lower Bari Doab Canal (LBDC) Consultants, a joint venture of MML, MMP and ACE led by NESPAK, has completed the construction supervision of a new BS head regulator in order to meet the future possible demand of 26,950 cusec discharge. The new head regulator of BS Link has eight bays of 24 ft width each adjacent to the old head regulator. Thus the combined regulator has 19 bays of 24 ft width each. The construction activity was started under the supervision of LBDC Consultants in November 2013 and the extension was completed in February 2016. The extended head regulator of Bari Daob link canal became operational recently and it continues to serve as another prodigy out of many that NESPAK has provided to this nation so far.
The consultancy contract for construction supervision of Trimmu Panjnad Barrages Improvement Project (TPBIP) has been awarded to a joint venture of NESPAK, EGC and SMEC. Construction activities at Trimmu site have been started and the Contractor has completed the construction of site facilities at Trimmu Barrage. Mr. Mansoor Ali, Deputy Project Manager visited Trimmu Barrage site to review the construction progress.
A 24-member delegation of the China Highway & Transportation Society led by its Secretary General Mr. Liu Wenjie visited NESPAK Islamabad Office. The delegation is visiting selected countries along the ancient Silk Road. Mr. Abdul Qadeer, General Manager Islamabad Office, Mr. Rizwan Baig, General Manager Highways & Transportation Engineering Division and Mr. Abdul Basit Sheikh, Chief Engineer, Transportation, gave a detailed video presentation on NESPAK capabilities and expertise. A detailed briefing was given on Metro Projects, National Highway Projects and China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Projects. It was conveyed that in highways and transportation planning, NESPAK is using state-of-the-art transportation planning tools like Vissim and Visum for micro and macro simulations. It was conveyed that the Government of Pakistan is giving top priority to CPEC which will pave way for socio-economic development of the entire region. The visiting delegates also gave a presentation about infrastructure Chinese delegates visit NESPAK Islamabad Office development work in China. Team leader Mr. Liu Wenjie said that such visits help in expanding relations in the field of highway and transportation between the two countries and are essential for understanding Chinese standards and specifications. Mr. Liu Wenjie invited NESPAK delegation to attend a forthcoming conference in Beijing on Highway and Transportation Engineering.
NESPAK is providing structural design and consultancy services for the construction of the Aziz Cross Flyover at Gujranwala. The flyover is a multi-span, cast-in-situ, box girder structure with variable deck Aziz Cross Flyover at Gujranwala serving two-way heavy traffic. The project is being sponsored by the Government of Punjab through Communication & Works Department, Gujranwala. Gujranwala is counted among the largest cities of Pakistan, which is famous for its industries. The construction of the flyover on the G.T Road at Aziz Cross in Gujranwala will facilitate movement of freight and passenger traffic immensely. Five flyovers will be constructed under the project at grade ramps. A three-lane flyover will be constructed to facilitate signal-free traffic between Rawalpindi - Gujranwala - Lahore. In addition, two double elevated and two-lane flyovers (directional ramps) will be constructed to benefit the traffic from Sialkot bypass to Rawalpindi and from Lahore bypass to Gujranwala city. Partial clover-leaf pattern will be developed to make traffic signal free. The fifth flyover will be constructed by dismantling the existing Railway Bridge over the railway line towards Sialkot with a new two-lane, multi-span, posttensioned I-girder bridge.
NESPAK is providing services for design review, vetting of design documents, vetting of contract documents and detailed construction supervision of the World Trade Centre in Islamabad. Main activities related to construction management include architectural finishing, electrical, plumbing, fire fighting, HVAC, lift and external development works for this Rs. 8 billion project. The project recorded excellent progress as construction activities remained in full swing during July to September 2016 under NESPAK supervision. The total covered area of project is 2,438,000 sq.ft with four basements for car parking, lower ground floor, mezzanine, ground floor, first and second floor for shopping mall and third to seventh floor reserved for corporate offices. Mechanical/services rooms and multipurpose hall are to be located on the eighth floor.