NESPAK started its consultancy operations in the Republic of Yemen in the late 80s by providing services for the Wadi Siham Project in 1988. The Company carried out almost five projects till the mid-90s when it had to discontinue its activities due to political unrest in the Republic. After a gap of about 10 years in July 2002, NESPAK resumed its operations in Yemen after the Company secured a construction supervision assignment with the Hadhramout University, Mukallah.

Realising business prospects in the Republic of Yemen and in order to target new projects more intensely, NESPAK established a Regional Office in Yemen's Capital, Sana'a, in October 2005..

During its entire stint of operations in Yemen, NESPAK secured a total of 13 projects worth US$ 410 million in sectors related to water resources planning and design, irrigation, flood protection, construction management, technical assistance and construction of oil pipelines. Portfolios of the major projects carried out by NESPAK in the Republic of Yemen are given in the following pages:

Major Projects

  • Wadi Mawr Project
  • Wadi Al-Jawf Agricultural Development Project
  • Wadi Siham Project
  • Gravity Canal for Marib Dam & Irrigation Project
  • College of Medicine, Hadhramout University of Science & Technology, Mukallah
  • College of Engineering, University of Aden