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Managing Director & President
Vice President
Vice President/Head (Geotechnical & Geo-environmental Engineering) and Convenor, Board of Management
Vice President/Head (Human Resources) and Deputy Convenor Board of Management
Vice President/Head (Highways & Transportation Engineering)
Vice President/Head (Water Resources)
Vice President (Head Foundation & Pavement Section of Geotechnical & Geo-environmental Engineering)
Vice President/Head (Power & Mechanical)
Vice President/Head (Contracts)/Incharge (Islamabad Office)/Secretary (BOM)
Vice President/Head (Karachi Office)
Vice President/Head (Monitoring & Quality Control)
Vice President/Head (Construction Management)
General Manager/Head (Structural Engineering)
General Manager/Regional Manager (Qatar)
General Manager/Head (Building Services)
General Manager/Acting Head (Architecture & Planning, Lahore)
General Manager/Head (Environmental & Public Health Engineering)
General Manager/Head (Economics Studies)
General Manager/Regional Manager (Muscat)
General Manager/Head (Business Development)
General Manager/Head (Architecture & Planning Karachi)
General Manager/Head (Overseas)
General Manager/Regional Manager (United Arab Emirates)
General Manager/Head (Agriculture)
General Manager/Head (Disaster Management & Reconstruction)
Regional Manager (Peshawar)
General Manager/Regional Manager (Quetta)
Chief Financial Officer/Head (Finance)
Regional Manager (Kabul)
Regional Manager (Riyadh)

NESPAK's Organizational Structure

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