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Energy Sector

Hydro Powerplants
Thermal Powerplants
SCADA & Telecommunication
HV/EHV Transmission System
Distribution & Rural Electrification
Mechanical & HVAC

Water Resources Development and Dam Engineering Sector

Water Resources Planning
Dams & Barrages
Irrigation Systems
Drainage, Salinity Control and Land Reclamation
Agriculture Development and Allied Fields
Groundwater Resources Development
Flood Management and Forecasting/ Warning Systems

Communication Sector

Urban & Rural Roads
Bridges, Underpasses & Flyovers
Seaports & Harbours

Architecture and Planning Sector

Health Care Buildings
Educational Buildings
Office/Commercial Buildings
Sports & Recreational Facilities
Housing, Urban Planning & Area Development
Cultural & Religious Buildings
Industrial Estates

Public Health Engineering Sector

Water Supply
Area Development
Solid Waste Management
Waste Water Treatment & Disposal

Industrial Sector

Environmental Risk Assessment
Environmental Planning and Management
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Water Resources for Environmental Development
Infrastructure Facilities for Environmental Development

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Sector

Industrial Sector

Environment Sector

Oil and Gas

Information Technology (IT) and GIS Sector

Information Technology (IT)
Geographic Information System (GIS)


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