Grain & Fertilizer Terminal, Port Qasim, Karachi
Project Description

The project includes grade separations in order to develop a signal free junction at Azadi Chowk. At Azadi Chowk, existing Circular Road will be abandoned in a length of about one km (from Azadi Chowk to Laari Adda Chowk) and adjacent to yadgar an existing road (Ahmed Ali Road) will be improved/ upgraded as a substitute to reach the Circular Road (to be abandoned). An elevated roundabout is being proposed at the intersection in order to facilitate the right turning and U turning traffic. The signal free facility will cater for the commuters coming from Railway Station and intending to go to Niazi Interchange, the traffic coming from Bhati Chowk and turning to Railway Station and U turning traffic for all three directions i.e. Railway Station, Bhati Chowk and Niazi Interchange. The cost of the project as per approved PC I is Rs. 3,983.016 Million.

The completion date for the project is 15th May 2014 which may extend due to increase in scope of works.