Greater Iqbal Park Lahore
Project Description

NESPAK has won The Greater Iqbal Park project. Government of the Punjab intends to develop the Greater Iqbal Park including the additional area of carriageway, originally existed between Minar-e-Pakistan and Lahore Fort. The allocated site for Iqbal Park has a total area of about 127 acres comprising circular garden and existing access road of about 26 acres, 45 acres of Greater Iqbal Park/Guddi park and 56 acres of Minar-e-Pakistan.

The conceptual design for the Greater Iqbal Park" originates from the idea of enhancing the area for creating a welcoming environment within the densely populated areas of Walled City and adjacent Inner City.

The proposed design envisages a rational division of the available land into distinct zones, accommodating all the public and recreational facilities. The proposed design is based on the embodiment of the national symbols of the "Star and the Crescent." These forms resemble the portrayal of a mother and the child in a symbolic manner as the Motherland Pakistan and its provinces. The garden design uses formal elements of Mughal landscape such as fountains, pavements, baradari and geometric patterns in a modern-day design vocabulary.