Kalma Chowk Flyover-Lahore
Project Description

The Kalma Chowk is the busiest intersection in Lahore along the Ferozepur Road, which is a main artery carrying traffic from southern Lahore to main commercial hub of the city. Around 400,000 vehicles pass through this junction daily with 60 percent traffic along Ferozepur Road while 40 percent along cross road (Gulberg Main Boulevard to Garden Town).

A flyover has already been constructed along Ferozepur Road in 2011. After the construction of flyover, there is still traffic congestion at Kalma Chowk so the Punjab Government has decided to construct a full clearance (5.1m) underpass along Main Boulevard. NESPAK was engaged to render detailed design & construction supervision services for the underpass. The barrel width of the underpass for Liberty bound is 14.1 m and it has four lanes of 3.3 m whereas barrel width for Barkat Market bound is 10.8 m and it has three lanes of 3.3 m width. Two u-turns are also being provided at both sides of the underpass to cater for Liberty bound traffic coming from Centre Point and for Barkat Market Traffic. Liberty bound traffic can use right turning at Centre Point whereas at grade traffic from Kalma Chowk cannot use right turning facility at Centre Point. They have to use Liberty roundabout for u-turn. The construction of Kalma Chowk Project is in full swing and is expected to complete by February 2013.