Project News

The Environmental and Public Health Engineering (E&PHE) Division of NESPAK is providing consultancy services to Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA), Lahore for establishment of Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPS) in Lahore, which is a top priority project of Government of the Punjab and is likely to be funded by the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). In view of the extreme urgency, a NESPAK team has achieved significant progress and submitted various deliverables including design parameters & criteria, topographic survey report, environment & social impact assessment (ESIA) report and flood modelling/site selection report.
The NESPAK's team held a meeting with the AIIB Mission and Managing Director, WASA under the chairmanship of Secretary Housing Urban Development & Public Health Engineering Department (HUD&PHE) on September 17, 2019 and presented various aspects of the project.
Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA), Multan Development Authority, Multan has hired NESPAK for providing consultancy services for “Detailed Engineering Design and Resident Supervision for Upgradation and Environmental Improvement of Chungi No. 09 Disposal Station, Multan” in July 2019. The scope of services includes topographic survey, geotechnical investigation, detailed design of disposal station and force main, Updating of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report and resident supervision of the project. The duration of this Rs. 2.44 billion project is 22 months. After contract signing, a kick off meeting was also held at the office of WASA, Multan in July 2019; among representatives of NESPAK and WASA Multan.
M/s K-Electric has awarded three contracts to NESPAK for carrying out heat rate and capacity tests at:
  • 248 MW, CCPP Korangi Power Complex (KPC)
  • 100 MW, CCPP Site Gas Engines Power Station (SG)
  • 100 MW, CCPP Korangi Town Gas Engines Power Station
The above projects were awarded after successful completion of same services for 560 MW, CCPP Bin Qasim-II Karachi. The assignment is first of its kind and thus it has opened a new window for NESPAK. The works carried out by NESPAK were well appreciated by K-Electric as well as NEPRA.
The Environmental & Public Health Engineering (E&PHE) Division of NESPAK continued work on the ADB-funded Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Programme (PICIIP). After approval of Sectoral Assessment Reports (Water & Sanitation Sectors), NESPAK submitted water & sanitation master plans of Sahiwal and Sialkot cities. Subsequently, detailed presentations were delivered to the Client, stakeholders and other competent forums including Secretary Local Government & Community Development Department (LG&CDD), Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners of Sahiwal, Sialkot & Gujranwala. District Planning and Design Committees (DPDC) accorded approval to master plans on August 9, 2019 & September 17, 2019 respectively at meetings held under the chairmanship of the respective Divisional Commissioners. Afterwards, work on detailed engineering design, PC-1 and bidding documents of priority projects has been commenced for Sahiwal and Sialkot cities.
The progress review meeting was held on September 23, 2019; under the chairmanship of Punjab Minister for Finance, which was also participated by Managing Director NESPAK, Secretary Planning & Development (P&D), ADB Provincial Coordinator, Project Director and GM/Head E&PHE Division.
The E&PHE Division of NESPAK has been engaged by Thar Coal Water Works, Government of Sindh to provide engineering consultancy services for the feasibility study and detailed design for Pre-treatment System on Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD) Water as a Feed to Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant for 660 MW Thar Coal Power Project. NESPAK has prepared and submitted GIS base maps and feasibility study report. Currently, a pilot plant study has been proposed for the project. After satisfactory results of the pilot plant study, NESPAK will prepare detailed design report along with tender documents for the proposed Pre-Treatment system.
Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA), Multan Development Authority entrusted NESPAK with the task of providing consultancy services for “Detailed Engineering Design and Resident Supervision for Replacement of Outlived Sewer in Multan (Phase-II)” in July 2019. The scope of services includes a topographic survey, detailed design of outlived sewer lines, updating of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report and resident supervision of the project. The duration of this Rs. 2.16 billion project is 34 months. After contract signing, a kick off meeting was also held at the office of WASA, Multan in July 2019 among representatives of NESPAK and WASA Multan in order to ensure efficient commencement and scheduling of project activities.
NESPAK has been awarded mega road and dam projects in Sultanate of Oman enabling a Pakistani engineering firm to generate handsome foreign exchange for the country by exporting its expert consultancy services.
As per details, Special Economic Zone Authority Duqm- SEZAD, Oman has hired NESPAK for design of a Dual Carriageway for NR-32 Phase-I at Duqm (16km). The scope of works comprises designing for a 6-lane dual carriageway road (13 km), 3 No. bridges (total length=3 km), roundabouts/ signalised traffic signals (04 No). This dual carriageway (6-lane) will run through business hub in free zone i.e. heavy Industrial area, Duqm Refinery, Petro chemical industry, Shell Petroleum project etc. and connect these with Duqm Port.
Ministry of Regional Municipality and Water Resources has engaged NESPAK for feasibility study and design of Recharge and Storage Dams in Wilyat Al Hamra, Al Dakhliyah Governorate, Oman. The scope of work comprises of 6 No. Recharge dams, 3 No. Storage dams and 5 km of wadi training/ protection works for future planned residential areas on the edge of main wadis.
Under a third assignment, NESPAK's consultancy services have been hired by the Ministry of Transport and Communication, Oman for preparation of tender documents for left over stretches of Batinah Coastal Road Phase-1 (60 km). A 45 km dual carriageway road (4-lane) was designed and supervised by NESPAK in 2015 and designing of remaining dual carriageway (15km) including bridges, roundabouts along Batinah coast line is included under current scope of work.
This dual carriageway road (4-lane) is a main road which will connect Muscat with Dubai. This main Batinah Coastal Road will promote tourism and connect different built up areas, Sohar port, Refinery and fish harbors. MD NESPAK Dr. Tahir Masood has congratulated the concerned staff on these achievements.
The work on subject project continued and overall progress achieved is 98.84 percent against planned progress of 98.90 percent of actual scope including additional works at the end of August 2019 under NESPAK supervision.
The Extension of Time (EOT) for 136 days up to October 21, 2019 was approved by the Client for completion of the additional house connection works and for additional scope of providing booster pumps, pressure reducing valves, and hanging pipeline along bridge to cross major wadi and major thrust boring under newly constructed Barka Nakhal road.
All the four PRVs in the project are constructed on site. Hanging pipeline and major thrust boring work are also completed. Construction of booster pump rooms is in progress in Hubra, Abyad & Taw areas while land acquisition by Client for booster pumps of Nakhal & Stall areas is still under process.
Muhammad Ittfaq, Deputy Project Manager/Irrigation & Drainage Expert, Nigeria, visited the Pakistani Consulate General Office at Kano on September 10, 2019 and discussed business opportunities, particularly NESPAK in Nigeria with His Excellency Pharmacist Ahmed I. Yakasai, Honorary Council-General, Kano Nigeria.
A NESPAK-AHT joint venture in association with CSIRO arranged a workshop on Interim Report of the Hydrological Modeling for Flow Forecasting Study of Kabul River Basin Using GIS/RS Technology project at a local hotel in Lahore on August 20, 2019. The purpose of this workshop was to appraise stakeholders about the progress on Interim Report and initial results of the SRM+G modeling activity for flow forecasting of Kabul River Basin.
Attendees included representatives of Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), Water Sector Capacity Building and Advisory Services Project (WCAP), Indus River System Authority (IRSA), Punjab Irrigation Department, University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore and FAST University Lahore. The Consultants' project team comprising both local and foreign members made comprehensive presentation which was well appreciated by all the participants.
The Federal Government of Nigeria is collaborating with the World Bank towards the implementation of a seven year program dubbed “Transforming Irrigation Management in Nigeria (TRIMING) Project” to achieve sustainable growth in Irrigated Agriculture production and productivity given its global growing competitiveness in achieving higher output as well as raising income of people living below poverty line.
In order to improve the agricultural capacity especially in the northern regions of Nigeria the TRIMING project has focused on two major irrigation schemes, namely the Kano River Irrigation Scheme (KRIS) and the Hadejia Valley Irrigation Scheme (HVIS). Within these two schemes major rehabilitation and extension works shall be carried out in following three Lots:
Lot 1: Rehabilitation and Expansion of Kano River Irrigation Scheme and Dam Safety Remedial Works at Tiga Dam, Ruwan Kanya Dam and Challawa Gorge Dam
Lot 2: Rehabilitation and Expansion of Hadejia Valley Irrigation Scheme and Dam Safety Remedial Works at Hadejia Barrage
Lot 3: River Training works in Hadejia-Jama River Basin
All the three Contractors have been mobilised since January 2019. The construction period of the project is four years. The H.P. Gauff, Germany and NESPAK, Pakistan Joint Venture has been providing consultancy services for the construction supervision. The overall objective of the works supervision contract (WSC) is to provide international standard of engineering construction supervision of the dam, irrigation and river training construction works.