Project News

Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) has awarded Business Complex Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination (ROD) Plant (0.2 MGD) at Gwadar to NESPAK Architecture & Planning (A&P) Division Karachi. The consultancy agreement for this project was signed between GPA and NESPAK in July 2018. The project comprises installation and commissioning of a seawater ROD plant based on fresh water 45,000 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) including, plant capacity 0.2 MGD, feed water TDS: 500 Parts Per Million (PPM), product water pH: 6.5 to 7.5.
The estimated construction cost of the project is Rs. 500 million. NESPAK scope of services includes architectural & engineering design and detailed construction supervision. Mr. Rashid Hussain Abro, Principal Engineer A&P Division Karachi, is the Project Manager.
The construction of Yusufwala Railway Station and allied buildings has been completed at a cost of Rs. 360 million. NESPAK was responsible for topographic surveys, architectural and engineering design of the buildings, infrastructure works, tender documentation and construction supervision. Total railway yard area of Yusufwala is 237 kanals. Mr. Khalid Mahmood, General Manager A&P Division Lahore, is the Project Manager.
Fatima Fertilizer Company Ltd. (FFCL) established a state-of-the-art chemical fertilizer plant in Mukhtargarh, near Rahim Yar Khan in 2011. The plant is one of the largest fertilizer producers of urea, calcium-nitrate and nitro-phosphate in Pakistan. A urea plant at FFCL has a designed capacity of 1,500 MTPD. In February 2018, urea prilling tower's scrapper floor slab got damaged by the fall of a 10+ ton bulk mass of solidified urea from a height of 80+ m. The incident was reported to NESPAK within a day, for the prompt damage assessment and emergency on-site repair solutions. Due to this incident, the whole urea production line was halted and the company was suffering a quantifiable monetary loss on a daily basis.
Currently, Project Manager Mr. Ahsan Rafique, Principal Engineer Structural Engineering Division NESPAK and his team is working on the structural rehabilitation design of the scrapper floor after the award of job. The job encapsulates the evaluation, design, and strengthening of the existing tower and related rehabilitation measures for a long-term use. To carry out the structural evaluation of the damaged prilling tower, NESPAK outlined a customised methodology which includes review of existing structural data and construction records collection, a detailed site visual conditional survey and structural analysis and design for the rehabilitation.
After the detailed structural evaluation on the existing structure the rehabilitation measures have been proposed. The rehabilitation design in the form of structural drawings is currently under preparation. The project duration is eight months and the overall progress is currently 90%.
The Directorate of Estate Projects Air Headquarters, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) entrusted NESPAK with consultancy services for land use planning and infrastructure designing for Fazaia Housing Scheme, Gujranwala in July 2018. The scope of services includes topographic survey, geotechnical investigations, land use planning and designing of infrastructure works including roads, electrification, water supply, sewerage, and storm water drainage network. Total duration of the project is 21 months.
M/s MWH International INC. USA has entered into a sub-consultancy agreement with NESPAK for the World Bank-funded project “Preparation of Detailed Ecological/Biodiversity Management Plans (DEBMP) for Dasu Hydropower Project.” The DEBMP team has performed various activities related to field surveys and data collection. Consultation with National Transmission & Dispatch Company (NTDC) officials as part of stakeholder involvement was conducted on August 13, 2018, to discuss baseline data and ecological management plans. The DEBMP team shared study area map of transmission line, Indus and Karakoram Highway crossings, terrestrial eco-regions, detailed habitat description and Palas Valley with the officials. A GIS Lead Expert team from NESPAK showed a virtual fly-through of the 765 kV transmission line route to demonstrate the physical terrain and presence of eco-type which deviates the flight of birds.
A NESPAK-led joint venture has been rendering consultancy services for the construction supervision of Trimmu and Panjnad Barrages Improvement Project (TPBIP) since September, 2015. The original duration of the consultancy was 51 months. The amendment to the consultancy contract services is under negotiation with the Client and expected to enhance to 81 months i.e. up to July, 2022. The project is being financed by Asian Development Bank along with the Government of Punjab. The general scope of services provided by Consultants includes detailed design review, construction supervision and contract management. The work at Trimmu barrage is being carried out at a rapid pace, while work at Panjnad Barrage was started in July 2018. Mr. Haseeb A. Khawaja of Water & Agriculture Division nominated as Deputy Team Leader of Trimmu Panjnad Barrages Consultants (TPBC), is leading the team of Engineers and Para-professional staff to ensure work as per quality standards.
Mr. Fazal Rehman Kashif, Project Manager Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Investment Project (PIAIP), Mr. Raza Shujaat and Mr. Muhammad Umar, Senior Engineers, Water & Agriculture Division NESPAK, along with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) delegation visited smaller and greater Cholistan project areas.
During this visit, a meeting was held in the office of Chief Engineer-Bahawalpur Irrigation Zone, with various stakeholders of the project and representatives from different departments including Project Director(Head PMO-Punjab Barrages), Chief Engineer Irrigation Bahawalpur, XEN-Cholistan Development Authority, Director-Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources, Bahawalpur, Deputy Director Agriculture, On-farm Water Management, Deputy Director-Livestock Department, District Forest Officer - Forest Department, Director-Pakistan Agricultural Research Council and local community.
NESPAK in a joint venture with ACE and MMP has been providing consultancy services for detailed design and construction supervision of rehabilitation and up-gradation of Balloki Barrage & Lower Bari Doab Canal System. The Project is funded jointly by the Punjab Government and ADB. The service contract was signed in September 2008 for a period of sixty-six months which was further extended up to June 2018 through the Amendment No. 06. Further extension of one year is under consideration by the Client due to unavoidable circumstances. The project deliverables are being submitted up to the satisfaction of the Client and the construction supervision of the project has been in progress for the works under execution.
The Lahore Ring Road Project Northern Loop (N.L 40.3 km) and Sothern Loop (S.L 22.4 km) have been completed and opened to traffic. Presently two major components of the project are in progress, namely I.T.S (Intelligent Transportation System) and Lahore Ring Road Authority (LRRA) office complex building. It is a state-of-the-art building to accommodate all staff members of Lahore Ring Road Authority along with affiliated organization's personnel. The I.T.S system is being installed for providing integrated traffic management system, ramp metering, video surveillance, Electronic toll collection and telecommunication. All Surveillance cameras and equipment are interconnected via 96 core optical fiber cable and networking accessories, and can be accessed remotely from Traffic Control Center at LRRA complex building. It will have provision of expansion for future extensions of Ring Road which are expected to start on ground in a short time.
NESPAK in association with M.H. Aitah Consultant continued providing consultancy services to the Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture for construction supervision of 'Water Transmission from Khulais & Rabigh Dams to Jeddah Project Completion Phase-I & Phase-II' costing Rs. 20.2 billion (US$ 170.6 million).
The construction of 'Rabigh Water Phase-II Project' comprising Water Treatment Plant (WTP) with a purification capacity of 100,000 m3/day along with ancillary structures/buildings and laying of 51.6 km long DN 1200mm carbon steel (CS) water main from Rabigh WTP up to Rabigh Desalination Plant has already been completed, whereas laying of 78.2 km DN 1200mm CS water main from Rabigh Desalination Plant to Rehaily Ground Reservoir at North Jeddah is continuing in full swing with 85% completion. Total cost of Phase-II Project is Rs. 14.1 billion (US$ 119.2 million) and its completion date is in December 2018. For preliminary handover of Rabigh WTP, a delegation of engineers from the Ministry visited the plant on September 18, 2018 and advised the concerned staff to put the plant for commissioning & testing.
NESPAK designed and supervised network and shift stations of Haya Water Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at Misfat Al Abryeen in Wilayat of Al Hamra, Sultanate of Oman. The project has been completed and has become operational. This STP has a capacity of 200 m3/day. As part of its strategic plan Haya Water management continued providing services across Sultanate except Dhofar.
Consultancy Services for project in Nigeria
The consultancy services for the construction supervision of Kano River and Hadejia Valley Irrigation Schemes, Dams Safety and Rivers Training in Hadejia Jama'are River Basins, Nigeria have been awarded to the GauffIngenieure GmbH & Co. KG JBG - NESPAK joint venture by Federal Ministry of Water Resources, Nigeria represented by Transforming Irrigation Management in Nigeria (TRIMING). The contract was signed on August 09, 2018. The project implementation period is four years and the scope of consultancy services includes construction supervision of the works for irrigation and drainage schemes of Kano River and Hadejia Valley Irrigation Schemes, Dams Safety and Rivers Training in Hadejia Jama'are River Basins, Nigeria. Mr. Muhammad Ittfaq, Chief Engineer Water & Agriculture Division, has been nominated as Project Manager and will also work as Irrigation and Drainage Specialist in Nigeria.