NESPAK Divisions

Architecture & Planning

Architecture & Planning Division at NESPAK aims at providing the highest quality of design and management services to its prestigious clients. The dedicated team of architects and planners is committed to excellence in the field of architecture and urban design encompassing all professional aspects.


Agriculture Division NESPAK is fully equipped and capable to take up needed consultancy services, inland and abroad. It has 53 experts rendering their services proficiently to the utmost satisfaction of their Clients. So far, Agriculture Division has successfully completed 42 local and overseas projects.

New Ventures Division

Engineering consultancy services in the field of New Ventures were provided by various NESPAK Divisions since the establishment of NESPAK in 1973. To consolidate NESPAK above experience in New Ventures, a specially group as “New Ventures Division (BSD)” was established in January 2008. It is an independent unit meeting the clients’ requirements by offering complete solutions in the field of New Ventures.

Business Development Division

Business Development Division (BDD) was established in 1984. Since its inception, BDD has been playing a key role in the growth of company business within the country and abroad. It has made a valuable contribution to the projection and promotion of business acquisition.

Contracts Division

NESPAK established Contracts Division as a specialty division in 1973, for smooth implementation of contracts and to ensure the quality of the documents of various divisions of NESPAK.

Construction Management Division

Construction Management (CM) Division NESPAK was established in the year 1976. To-date, CM Division has handled more than 250 projects in diversified engineering sectors which include multi-storey buildings, educational buildings, hospitals, industries, flood protection, irrigation and drainage, bridges, and housing/ infrastructure development.

Environmental & Public Health Engineering Division

Environmental and Public Health Engineering Division (E&PHED) was established in 1975. Out of total workforce of NESPAK, E&PHE Division has staff strength of almost 200 employees including highly qualified professionals consisting of civil, environmental, chemical & mechanical engineers, town planners, environmentalists and sociologists etc. para-professional and non-professional Staff.

Economic Studies Division

NESPAK established Economic Studies Division (ESD) soon after its creation in 1973 as one of the specialty groups to provide services to various divisions involved in project planning. The major role of the ESD is to undertake project economic and financial appraisal at different stages like feasibility, design, completion etc. In addition to project appraisal, the division has specialty of undertaking various traffic related studies, impact assessment and all kinds of surveys including impact, socio-economic, household etc. The division has successfully undertaken surveys, forecasting reports and various modes of investment studies of mega development projects like motorways, mass transit systems etc. It has also provided vital inputs for environmental and social impact assessment of projects like large storage dams, transmission lines, irrigation related projects etc.

Disaster Management & Reconstruction Division

Earthquake Pakistan 2005 did widespread damage to life and property, both in public as well private sector. It was required that a team of advisors belonging to all aspects of reconstruction and rehabilitation be formed to extend far-reaching support to Earthquake Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA). NESPAK being the leading consultant of Pakistan, formed a dedicated division to take-up this challenging task. A new team of experts was hired and blended with experienced professionals from various divisions of NESPAK to constitute this division.

Geotech. & Geoenvironmental Engineering Division

The Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Engineering (GT&GE) Division has been functioning as a core specialty division ever since inception of NESPAK. It has gradually flourished and- grown into a project management division and is manned by 239 personnel in the following specialties of Engineering, Geology and Sciences.

Highways and Transportation Engineering Division

With the establishment of NESPAK in 1973, work on the 1220 km long Indus Super Highway project started and NESPAK was engaged as general consultants by Indus Super Highway Board (Ministry of Communications). This laid a sound foundation and requirement for the Highways Division in 1978 which led to the formation of Highways and Transportation Engineering Division (H&TED) in 2001.

Human Resources Division

Human Resources Division was established in NESPAK in July 2005 with an aim to increase the level of inter-Divisional working, mutual understanding and provide quality training to NESPAK professionals in the areas of managerial, support and technical competencies.

Monitoring and Quality Control Division

Monitoring & Quality Control Division headed by Vice President, Mr. Abrar Ahmed Khan, is broadly divided into three sections, namely: Monitoring Section, Civil Works Section and Quality Control Section.

Power & Mechanical Division

The Power and Mechanical (P&M) Division has emerged from a small Section to a full-fledged division since inception of NESPAK in 1973. The division acquired a total of 333 jobs, out of these, 312 jobs have been completed to the entire satisfaction of the Clients while 21 jobs are currently at various stages of completion.

Structural Engineering Division

Structural Engineering being the oldest and most creative profession has contributed significantly towards the development of infrastructure as well as construction industry. Walking along the same lines, Structural Engineering Division draws its history from 1973 with the establishment of NESPAK. Starting with the handful of structural engineers, it has now enhanced its capacity to 125+ professionals and 80+ draftsman, all well versed in their respective specialties.

Water Resource Division

The services for Water Resources Development and Management Sector are being provided within Pakistan and abroad by a highly qualified and well-experienced team of more than 182 professionals including agricultural engineers, agronomists, agri-economists, land development experts, water resources engineers, irrigation and drainage experts, hydrologists, hydro-geologists, hydraulic engineers, soil and water quality scientists, flood management specialists, sociologists, environmentalists, institutional development experts, economists and construction supervision specialists and contract managers along with 131 para-professionals/non-professionals/ other professional.