NESPAK established Contracts Division as a specialty division in 1973, for smooth implementation of contracts and to ensure the quality of the documents of various divisions of NESPAK.
The role of the Contracts Division is to ensure that any agreement entered into is balanced and fair to both parties and that it contains terms and conditions that are clear and unambiguous.
Since its establishment, the division is manned by competent and experienced engineers possessing an extensive exposure in the field of contract management/administration with emphasis on construction contracts. This group of highly qualified professionals has vast experience of handling novelty of intricate contractual issues encountered during pre-award, post-award and execution stages of the projects. They are adequately trained and well conversant with the bidding and contract requirements of PEC, FIDIC, World Bank and other renowned international funding agencies.

Special expertise of Contracts Division is required for proper contract administration of a Project. The division also acts as a “solution provider” to resolve the contractual issues/disputes. It is also consulted for advice by unconventional clients such as Finance Division on various issues.

Contracts division has formulated standard terms to which it always tries to adhere. However, the division does consider amendments proposed by other parties that are reasonable in the overall context of a specific agreement, subject to approval from the senior management of NESPAK.

Contracts Division, as a speciality division, provides services covering a wide range of activities including contract administration of a project, specialised consulting services for review of various contract documents, assistance to the project managers in resolving day-to-day contract management issues of ongoing projects and assistance to the project management groups in evaluation of the bids leading towards award of contracts. This Division also provides services for contract management of large projects including contract but not limited to interpretations, review of engineer's decisions and contractors’ claims pertaining to extension of time and additional cost(s).

The Division offers specialised services in the preparation/review of commercial part of the BIDDING DOCUMENTS & EVALUATION REPORTS, bid evaluation reports and review of consultancy contracts in miscellaneous contractual scenarios. The types of contracts for which such services are provided include construction contracts, plant and design-build contracts and EPC/turnkey contracts.

It also renders services for review of contracts for consultancy services as required by the Quality Management System of NESPAK and preparation/review of various association agreements such as memorandum of understanding, joint venture, and sponsorship agreements, etc.

This Division remained actively associated with the disputes referred to the Disputes Review Board (DRB) on Ghazi-Barotha Hydropower Project and New Terminal & Passengers' Facilities at Lahore International Airport.

The well-established Contracts Division's team continues to grow and provides great opportunity for further development and expansion. The mix of professionalism, contractual and technical skills in our specialist contracts consultancy team provides valuable and timely contractual advice.

Scope of Services

Contracty Division provides expert services in the following fields:

  • Preparation and review of Pre-Qualification Documents
  • Preparation and review of Pre-Qualification Reports
  • Preparation and review of BIDDING DOCUMENTS & EVALUATION REPORTS for civil
  • Works contracts and turnkey (EPC) contracts
  • Preparation and review of Bid Evaluation Reports and assistance
  • Preparation of Conformed Contract Documents
  • Preparation and review of Variation Orders
  • Contract Interpretations
  • Preparation and review of Amendments to Contract(s)
  • Review of Engineer's Decision
  • Preparation and review of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Joint Venture/Consortium Agreements, etc.
  • Preparation and review of Contracts for Consultancy Services
  • Development of Billing Rates for NESPAK Staff