NESPAK was formed in 1973, and the Finance Division was created in the same year. This Division is purely a service division and is not directly involved in the project management activities of the Company.

Scope of Services

The basic functions and responsibilities of this Division are to look after the following matters.

  • Book keeping & accounts (Local & overseas)
  • Corporate & individuals taxation
  • Corporate budgets
  • Disbursements
  • Internal & external audits
  • Management of the Company’s contributory provident fund (C.P Fund)
  • Union negotiations
  • Preparation & monitoring of divisional budgets
  • Government audits, leading to interviews with the Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly
  • Receivables/Cash flow monitoring
  • Management of the Welfare Fund Trust (Senior/Junior)
  • Sundry financial matters

All the above functions are being performed by a team of dedicated Managers under the active supervision of Mr. Faisal Majeed, CFO/Head Finance Division (Organization Chart attached)