Monitoring & Quality Control Division is broadly divided into three sections, namely: Monitoring Section, Civil Works Section and Quality Control Section. Working of these is briefly described below:

Quality Management Section

In NESPAK, Quality Assurance is an area of high priority. The Company's success lies in the hard work of its highly skilled employees and commitment to quality in every aspect of its operations. It was this commitment that led it to become the first engineering consultancy organization in Pakistan to obtain ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification in 1998 and we are currently certified to the ISO 9001: 2008 Standard.

Maintain the Quality Management System based on Policies and Procedures approved by the Management, conduct Corporate vide Internal Quality Audits in all Divisions and Offices in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Train staff on the Quality Management System, present the Quality Management System to the Quality Steering Committee (QSC) for Management Review and take Follow-up Actions, suggest improvements/changes in the Quality Management System, for Continuous Improvement, to the Quality Steering Committee. Coordinate corporate level External Surveillance Audits by the Certification Agency, along with Implementation of the Audit findings of the Certification Agency, if any. Quality Operational Procedures are available for assuring the Quality of Deliverables i.e. Reports, Documents and Drawings. Monitoring to ensure that all deliverables are submitted to Clients, after Quality Assurance Group meetings and issuance of Clearance Codes.

Design and Construction Supervision activities are covered by our Quality Management System and the System is being maintained through six monthly Surveillance Audits by our External Auditors TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection and Certification.

Civil Works Section

Project Management of Civil Engineering Projects including coordination of PAEC Projects within the Company. Various other Projects are also being looked after by the division which are at different stages of completion of design and construction supervision.

Monitoring Section

Monitoring Section integrates data from all the projects of various offices/divisions to provide Management with the information it requires to make timely decisions, track progress and resolve various issues. It is being performed by an indigenously built state-of-the-art Management Information System called "NESMAN". It acts as an information repository for Project Managers and other users and also performs functions to monitor charging against projects in terms of hours and costs. Moreover, our team of experts render their services for In-House software development to different divisions of NESPAK. Software such as Payroll System, Leave Management System, Medical System, Human Resource System, Inventory System, Card System etc. have been developed and successfully deployed.

Internet Services are provided with a dedicated bandwidth of 25MB to all the Divisions in NESPAK House. Also provision of extensive network monitoring to ensure perpetual availability of network services to NESPAK Professionals through our modernized Linux based Network Management System "NAGIOS" and Network Security Auditing with Intrusion Detection System. A HD Video link is also established in main Boardroom to communicate with our local and foreign offices and Clients.

Our networking/hardware engineering team is involved in identifying and troubleshooting flaws or inefficiencies in the existing network system. The team is also responsible for purchasing, maintaining and repair of hardware & software and to make modifications to increase the functionality of the computers for our users.